We identify potential for change, translate market opportunities into compelling concepts, and ensure smooth implementation.

At the, we are all about the development of lovable digital products & services. And that’s not just an empty phrase for us – we are passionately serious about it.

What we do

  • Innovation, UX Research & Digital Marketing
  • Ideation, Design & Prototyping
  • IT Architecture, Optimisation & Engineering

We analyse.

We get to the bottom of things.

In Foresight, we uncover innovation potential and trends. In Research, we match data with experience. And in Digital Marketing – on topics such as consent and conversion – we let the numbers do the talking.


We partner with you on your innovation journey by uncovering innovation opportunities, evaluating them and transforming them into profitable business models. All without a crystal ball.

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Trend Radar
  • Innovation Fields
  • Design Sprint


In our UX Research Lab, we analyse digital products and business models with regard to their optimisation potential. Our focus: the big picture AND the details.

  • Data Analytics
  • Sustainable UX Audit
  • User Research & Interviews
  • Use Labs & Cases


We're here to help you with all the different types of digital marketing – and to support you in the development of your digital strategy. Guaranteed without bullshit bingo.

  • Consent Management & Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • SEO, SEA, Affiliate & Performance
  • Content Strategie

We create.

There is a method to our ideas.

Whether in ideation, in the strategically underpinned concept/design or in validating prototyping – everything we develop is based on solid rationale.


Whether repurposing old ideas or exploring new ones with potential: we team up with you in our hands-on workshops to help you develop business models and generate new product and service ideas.

  • Product Discovery
  • Continuous Discovery
  • Business Model Design


Using information architecture, conceptualisation, and product & service design, we give your idea the right form – and more importantly, an attractive design.

  • Wireframing & Information Architecture
  • UX & UI Design
  • Digital Brand Design
  • Designsysteme


Check One Two: With early and, more importantly, continuous validation of your idea, your product or service, we provide certainty for the later implementation.

  • Fake Door Testing
  • User Validation
  • Low & High Fidelity Prototypen

We build.

Achieving more with less 

We build the right foundation with sound IT architecture. We improve existing structures through optimisation. Or handle the engineering from start to finish.


Whether through sustainable tool setups or the orchestration of technologies, infrastructures and systems, we always strive to reduce complexity.

  • Definition of Tools & Technologies
  • Overhaul of Existing Systems
  • Universality based on user or customer needs


With more than 20 years of experience, we are passionate about optimising digital products and services. In all we do, we take great pride in premium quality and craftsmanship.

  • Web Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Minimisation of Ecological Footprint


When developing digital products, we build on proven solutions and best practices. For maximum functionality and modularity, we use established (web) standards and open source solutions.

  • Development of Websites, Web Apps and Native Apps
  • Content-Management- und E-Commerce-Lösungen
  • Media Optimisation & Delivery
  • Platforms & Communities
  • Technical SEO

Our process

It’s all meshed up. 

Thinking of relaunching your corporate website? Do you need a modern digital branding and design system? Or are you looking for new digital sales channels? Under the three pillars of “analyse, create & build”, we provide all the tools & methods you need. And here’s the best part: all our processes mesh easily and seamlessly.

What’s more, you can enter this process chain anywhere and at any time – or use only specific sections based on your particular needs.


Talk to Sebastian

Sebastian Flock, Gründer & Stratege bei

Sebastian Flock is one of the founders and a strategist at He sees the potential and opportunities in your business model. And he loves to twist and turn challenges until he finds the optimal solution.

What’s next?

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